Napa Valley Home Staging Gives Back

The Carmen B. Pingree Center for Autism

The team at Napa Valley Home Staging believes in giving back to a cause that deeply affects each one of them every day through their connection to Traver Zimmerman. Traver is an amazing 11 year old boy who was diagnosed with autism at two years old and continues fights every day to be a unique individual in a world that chooses to sometimes misunderstand his needs and behaviors.

Through early detection and intervention, Traver’s family was able to seek a brighter future for Traver and wants to help other kids to do the same. The Zimmerman family was provided with their own personal miracle in the early stages of autism while living in Utah. The Carmen B. Pingree Center for Autism where Traver attended from the age of two to five years old was that miracle. It helped Traver to verbalize his needs, modify behaviors and eventually achieve enrollment in a mainstream educational system. Napa Valley Home Staging wants to help others in finding their own miracle by providing funding for a Carmen B. Pingree scholarship to an autistic child in need through the Dr. Brent Petersen Scholarship fund.

The Carmen B. Pingree Center for Autism

We will donate 5% of all of our profits directly to this scholarship fund to help and show our support for this great cause.


For more info on autism and early detection go to

Autism Speaks

Thank you in advance for your support of this cause!